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Many sectors of the economy made huge improvements with digital transformation. But, at the same time, the hyperconexion fever has opened new gaps in corporate’s information security. You should be careful. Compasso has solutions and a specialized team to avoid impacts on its security through constant monitoring. We generate proactive actions to block vulnerabilities and connect IT incident histories with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. We leverage defense strategies to shield your business.

How we can help

We detect and analyze threats intelligently, with the support of technologies and a specialized team.

We constantly monitor vulnerabilities with proactive actions to mitigate and block then, avoiding impacts on a company’s security.

We connect the history of incidents with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We potentiate defense strategies to make the infrastructure and applications less vulnerable.

We increase the effectiveness of incident detection.

We reduce the reaction´s time.

We offer support for audit and investigative processes.

We preserve the logs in their original format.




We use innovative tools to make digital customer's journeys happen in an agile and safe way.

Our portfolio has technologies that reduce the risk of cloud applications and business disruption.

For years, we have been guarantying the security of the largest Portuguese-language portal in the world, UOL.

We provide comprehensive and real-time threat protection.

Proven experience in protecting and operating mission-critical environments.

We treat large volumes of daily security events generated by assets to a manageable list. With that, we can prioritize actions.

We automate event analysis to understand real and intrusive attacks.

Detection based on anomalous behaviors.

Usage of advanced technologies for correlating events.



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