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Businesses have become more vulnerable. In a world transformed by digital, danger surrounds brands. Compasso is attentive to this scenario. We monitor the Internet to look for fake websites, a process that prevents any revenue loss, reputation, and trust of our customers. We scour the Internet looking for suspicious websites, avoiding revenue loss, reputation and customer confidence. You can’t be too careful when it turns to ensure the integrity of your brand.

How we can help

We monitor and manage environments 24x7x365 through specialized teams.

We analyze email malicious flow through an intelligent detection and correlation system.

We continually report millions of malicious emails processed by honeypots technologies, the biggest one in Latin America.

We build a unique basis of knowledge based on several attacks’ models and incorrect use of the client’s brand.

We correlate existing events on web pages, blogs and social media created to denigrating a person’s name.

We identify cloned pages, fake websites and positive and negative comments about the brand.

We analyze social media to acknowledge how media contribute negatively or positively to the promotion of a brand or a person.

We preserve the logs in their original format.




We use innovative tools to make the customer's journey in the digital era happen in an agile and safe way. Disruptive technologies reduce the risk of cloud applications and business disruption.

We have been guarantying the security of the largest Portuguese-language portal in the world, UOL.

We provide comprehensive and real-time threat protection.

Proven experience in protecting and operating mission-critical environments.



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