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The constant and rapid changes that happen in business environments need to be followed by IT. To do that, many companies are taking their environments to the cloud. But to take full advantage of the potential that the cloud can offer it is necessary to have the knowledge and the practice. Compasso’s Cloud and Consulting Services are based on 3 pillars: Migration, Management, and Optimization. Each of them demands different sets of knowledge.
Compasso’s professionals are certified in leading cloud providers: AWS, Azure and Google and have the experience and qualifications required to give customers the peace of mind of having a secure, resilient, scalable, and optimized architecture environment.

How we can help


We offer highly specialized teams in a hybrid architecture, combining the best of the on-premise environments with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, guaranteeing innovation, cost optimization and compliance for the most varied types of companies.


Companies that migrated their workloads to the cloud without proper planning had problems, such as vulnerable network, data exposure, and consumption and higher costs
Compasso’s Cost Optimization service employs 5 very important points: Environment Architecture, Applications, Resilience, Performance and Security. Based on these topics we help your company to monitor, optimize and reduce costs in the cloud environment. Our cloud expert team is responsible for evaluating your environment and making the necessary recommendations to achieve cost management with transparency and assertiveness.


The speed of business is impacting IT, which is under pressure to solve problems such as operational bottlenecks, costs, and delivering resources and applications faster than ever. These issues motivate many companies to migrate to the cloud. At the same time, this change requires adequate planning for each company’s strategic plan.

Compasso’s Migration Service is offered for the public or private cloud environment. Its focus is on the architecture environment and applications. Considering this, for clients, the migration to the cloud is done to take advantage of the main benefits that the cloud offers – availability, performance, and scalability – with more security.


With cloud environments, growth and the pressure to have a more optimized environment tailored to the needs of each business, monitoring and managing Multicloud environments has been the biggest challenge for IT.

Compasso’s Cloud Monitoring and Management Service is much more than just a look at the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) contracted by the client. It is aligned with the business, guiding the rules for growth, with analysis and cost control, besides the legal requirements. Compasso has a certified professional team with experience in managing cloud environments from leading cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and Google.


More than 8 years of experience in cloud construction and management.

More than 500 customers using cloud computing.

More than 770 certified cloud professionals.

More than 16,000 instances in the cloud.

Partners certified by leading cloud players (AWS, Microsoft, Google, and VMware).

Partner with leading public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

OpenStack's own public cloud-based in our Data Centers infrastructure.

Panel with a centralized view of cloud consumption measured in the main public clouds.



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