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Part of UOL Group and a 100% Brazilian company, Compasso offers technology services with innovation to deliver the best business results to customers. From basic infrastructure services to disruptive technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. The company is specializing in simplifying the transformation process to accelerate business strategies.


The challenge

  • Improve call resolutions
  • Automate repetitive activities to increase productivity
  • Free up professionals for more technical and creative activities
  • Provide more agility in action plans
  • Add value to the customer service operation
  • Increase work assertiveness
  • Increase service efficiency


  • Compasso has developed the Uol Message Automation (UMA), a virtual assistant, to operate in the resolution of inquiries and improve and facilitate the work of its Service Desk team. “UMA” has the goal of supporting the operation in the automation of activities considered repetitive, freeing up professionals for other functions. “UMA” is also offered to Compasso customers, who have improved their service experience.


  • 40% reduction in the average time of customer care in the first three months of use
  • “UMA” acts as a chatbot tool and for telephone calls, streamlining processes
  • Communication effectiveness is 60% greater to activate teams that act in crises
  • The tool’s Artificial Intelligence reduces team effort in scheduling activities
  • Service Desk professionals can focus on technical functions, providing a more quality service
  • In the professionals' smartphones, “UMA” offers historical information, facilitating interactions
  • “UMA” shares operational reports about the team’s performance and results
  • Improve service scalability by 50%
  • 55% evolution in customers open calls

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