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Superdigital is a Santander’s Group fintech, which operates in the area of prepaid cards. In 2012, it created Conta Super, a digital account without an agency, and in early 2016, when it already had more than 360,000 customers, it was bought by Banco Santander. The 100% digital company works with cards that go beyond bill payment. They are a means for employee compensation and even child allowance more quickly than traditional market solutions. Superdigital is among seven of the 112 existing payment institutions in the country that is regulated by the Central Bank. In addition to Brazil, it operates in Chile and 2020 will expand its operations to five more countries in Latin America.



  • Establish infrastructure capable of supporting multiple products
  • Maintain the rapid pace of cost-effective product creation in a scalable environment in the face of significant demand
  • Maintain competitiveness in a market with aggressive and unexpected demands
  • Create cloud environments to meet significant business demands in Brazil with more flexibility and scalability
  • Migrate from a colocation monolithic environment to a public cloud environment
  • Gain solutions’ faster delivery
  • Get more results with scalability gains
  • Make the environment more manageable and secure


  • In this case we show how Compasso helped Superdigital, to make migrations and create new environments in the AWS cloud to meet business demands in Brazil and other countries where it operates.
  • AWS public cloud
  • Direct Connect


  • Operating cost reduction
  • Self-provisioning of cloud environment eliminated the need for 24x7 staff
  • AWS cloud environments for new products/solutions are created in two days. Before, in colocation, this activity consumed 15 days
  • Agile and flexible environment creation accelerated ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Features of the new AWS environment enabled faster, more cost-effective and more effective creation of new IT solutions using APIs and other facilities

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