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Netshoes is the largest e-commerce company of sporting goods in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. Their websites offer about 40,000 sports articles from 300 different brands and receives about 17 million individual visitors monthly.


The challenge

  • Continue to grow, ensuring a better shopping experience
  • Maintain high availability of website operation
  • Ensure high performance and simple and intuitive navigability
  • The flexibility of access, at any time, any place


  • Starting a few years ago, Netshoes' partnership with Compasso has ensured a very robust infrastructure at various levels of service. This infrastructure provides high availability environments and business contingency, as well as protection against attacks in services provided through the Internet.


  • Individualized research and consumer shopping experience
  • High performance, speed of access and flexibility in e-commerce
  • Fast service in new projects implementations
  • Innovation using technology as an ally
  • Alignment with the level of consumer demand

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