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Dotz, created in 2000, a leading Brazilian retail loyalty program, has more than 40 million customers in 12 states throughout the country. Around 900 dotz are distributed per second, generating over 10,000 exchanges per day. According to the Brazilian Association of Loyalty Market Companies (Abemf) the company is at the top of a market that only in the first half of 2019 registered 132 million Brazilians and moved 3.7 billion Brazilian Reais.



  • Stop the cost increase generated by the data center operation migration to the public cloud
  • Map all monolithic, code-block architecture application services that required the use of robust machines, undermining costs
  • Migrate all monolithic architecture applications to the VMware private cloud to reduce costs
  • Enable better management of monolithic architecture applications, strengthening governance at lower cost
  • Deliver the project on short term without interrupting business
  • Enable better monolithic application management, strengthening governance at lower costs


  •  Compasso helped Dotz to reduce the costs in Cloud by using VMware Cloud Connect


  • 60% cost savings after migrating to VMware's public and private cloud hybrid environment
  • Increase monolithic architecture applications control, strengthening governance and security
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud Solution - Public and Private adoption
  • Strengthened Dotz’s Digital Transformation journey
  • Speed in resuming financial planning with the operation
  • Project delivery in just four months without Dotz business interruption
  • More agile, flexible and safer operation

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